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Cover Express [ Cover Express ]  

Cover Express
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Retail Price : $ 180.00
You Save : $ 95.00
Our Price : $ 85.00


Lightweight, durable black vinyl with black felt like backing.

Backing will not scratch the scooter or power chair and the black will not show any dirt.

Vinyl is very durable. It is lightweight and easy for user to put on and take off of mobility vehicle.

Weather resistant. Not porous. liquid will not saturate through the material.

Completely latex free.

High UV Rating. Tested under 650 hours of 350 UVA with no change.

Meets the fire retardant standards of California 117.1.Thread:90 bonded polyester thread. As strong as Nylon, but with higher UV rating. Exact specs are on sheet labeled Anefil Polyester T-90.


1/8 inch solid braid nylon rope. Hot knife used to cut and melt rope for no fraying.


Nickel coated brass grommets. Will not rust.

Cover is sewn using double stitch machine for extra strength on seam.

The cover has only one seam up the middle, resulting in less chance of water getting into the cover.

Patented design makes it easy to apply and store.

The cover is NOT bulky or heavy making it very simple for a user to put on and take off of their mobility vehicle

Cover has a drawstring around the bottom seam so that it can be tightened to fit snug and secure around the mobility vehicle.

Will protect the mobility vehicle from the sun, rain, sleet and snow (if used in the colder climates), rocks or any debris, moisture, humidity and dust.

Will extend the life of a mobility vehicle

Cover goes hand and hand with outside lifts.


The Cover Express is available in 7 sizes:

3 for the power chair, 3 for the scooter and 1 for the manual wheelchairs.




Customize & Buy
Large PC Cover- 74 in L X 50 in. H (+) $15.00   
Large Scooter Cover- 86 in. L X 50 in. H (+) $15.00   
Manual Wheelchair Cover 51.5 in L X 42 in. H   
Medium PC Cover- 64 in. L X 50 in. W   
Medium Scooter Cover- 74 in. L X 46 in. H   
Micro PC Cover- 60 in.L X 46 in. W   
Micro Scooter Cover- 61 in. L X 41 in. H   
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Cover Express Sizes  
Medium Scooter Cover- 74 in. L X 46 in. H   $0.00
Configured Options Price $0.00
Configured Product Price $85.00
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