Hand Controls by Mobility Express

Mobility Express offers sales, installation and service of hand controls. Our factory certified and trained installers will perform the best, most precise and the least invasive installation available on the market. We pride ourselves and utilize proprietary techniques in cutting and modifying components of the vehicle to a minimum. We are an authorized sales and service center for MPS, MPD, Wells-Engberg and Sure Grip hand control systems. Contact us or stop at one of our locations and we will be happy to work with you to determine exactly what your needs are. We have a complete inventory of most hand controls systems available for a quick turnaround.


The Monarch Mark I-A

The Hand Control recommended most often by rehabilitation driving specialists.

Manufacturing & Production Services' (MPS) Monarch I-A is the right choice in mechanical hand controls. It is a smooth operator, offering the most popular and most recommended method of operation. This smooth operating control allows for miles and miles of relaxing trouble-free driving.


  • Large comfortable hand grip  
  • Operating handle adjustable for each driver's optimal comfort  
  • Adjustable mounting assembly to provide maximum leg room and proper alignment  
  • Adjustable brake attachment rod to match each application  
  • Universal accelerator attachment to provide proper accelerator leverage  
  • An advanced accelerator return spring that allows the accelerator pedal to move freely without the movement of the operating handle when driven without the hand control by others  
  • Retains tilt steering wheel option for most cars with this feature  
  • Easily reinstalled to a new or different vehicle  

The brake is applied by pushing the operating handle directly towards the brake pedal.

The accelerator is activated by moving the operating handle toward the driver's seat, at a right angle to the brake movement.

These movements are the least fatiguing. The brake and accelerator can be used separately or simultaneously. Installation of MPS's products require a minimum amount of modifications to the vehicle. All hand controls and accessories may be used for either right or left hand activation.

The hand control does require automatic transmission, and must only be installed on vehicles with power steering and power brakes.

Optional Accessories:

Brake Only

The brake only control is available for persons with sufficient foot motion and strength to operate the accelerator but not the brake. Should an accelerator control become necessary, the needed components can be added to the existing control.

Toggle Type Dimmer Switch and Horn Button

A toggle type dimmer switch and separate Horn Button are available for use with "Monarch Mark I-A" or brake only hand control.

Left Foot Gas Pedal with Quick Release Base

This feature is available for drivers with impaired right foot strength and control. It can be installed quickly and is removable for other drivers with the press of a button.


CT-100 Rotary Cable Operated Control

Mechanical control with a flexible accelerator cable going directly to the accelerator pedal assembly twist handle (same as motorcycle grip) to accelerate.Push handle toward brake pedal for braking. Control is mostly aluminum and is black anodized. Uses universal mounting brackets. Order either right or left hand. The cable design allows us to reduce amount of hardware in driver's area. This gives the driver more leg room.

CP-200 Right Angle Cable Control

To operate accelerator pull handle down toward lap. Cable attached to handle goes directly to the accelerator pedal assembly. Push handle toward brake pedal for braking. Control made mostly of aluminum and is black anodized. Uses universal mounting brackets. Order either right or left hand.Cable design reduces hardware in the driver's area allowing more leg room.

Chrysler RTI (Ready To Install) Mini-Van Controls

We make special RTI (Ready To Install) hand controls for the 1996 and newer Chrysler mini-vans. They provide a permanent, rigid installation that is quick and easy.


Pneumatic Hand Control

This control is operated utilizing air pressure in its own self-contained unit. The pneumatic control operates the brake and accelerator using a push-pull joystick with very little operating effort and a short stroke. These controls have been in the field since 1982 and have proven to be very reliable and, with proper maintenance, trouble free. All service can be handled by the dealer.