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Home Modifications

Stair Lifts
Bath Safety
Patient Lifts
Ceiling Lifts


In early 2000 Mobility Express launched the Home Modifications department to help address our customers limitations in their home. It was apparent that after many years of providing products and services such as, power mobility for outdoors, there was a tremendous need indoors. The quality of life and ease of daily routine not to mention safety in and around ones home can be greatly enhanced with our Home Mods program. Our licensed and certified professional will visit with you at your home to evaluate your environmental accessibility status. We will be happy to address your specific areas of need or do a complete evaluation which will identify what can be done to make your home an easier place to live. Our program is designed to assist all, regardless of the quantity of changes to be made or budget. In many cases, small changes can be made such as grab handles, offset hinges and ramps, which will result in a big difference. Call us today or click on the form below to request an evaluation via email.

Here is what we offer:
  • Custom designed and built wood ramps, metal/aluminum ramps or cement construction.
  • Power and remote door openers and deadbolt accuators.
  • Doorway widening and offset hinges.
  • Interior and exterior elevators and vertical lifts.
  • Interior and exterior stairlifts.
  • Roll in shower stalls.
  • Complete accessible bathrooms.
  • Complete kitchen accessibility remodeling.
  • Counter top lowering and pull down shelving systems.
  • Bathroom safety products-grab bars, toilet raisers, shower safety.
  • Pool and jacuzzi lifts.
  • Ceiling tracks and patient transfer systems.
  • Automatic and portable back up generators.
  • Accessibility home design and consultation.
  • Comprehensive home accessibility needs assessments.
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