Norcal Vans

Nor-Cal Vans has engineered an innovative mobility conversion that takes full advantage of the room, the reliability and the strength that only a full-sized van can offer. Our Nor-Cal MAX and PLUS adaptive conversions provide the ultimate in interior headroom and visibility, entryway clearance and interior space, foot room and load-carrying capacity.


We take safety and FMVSS compliance very seriously. The above photos were taken during the most recent crash-testing of the 2008 Ford E-150 late last year. In its effort to provide the safest and most reliable full-size conversion in the industry, Nor-Cal Vans:

  • Is a member of the Ford Truck Quality Program (FTQP) for adaptive mobility vehicles; 
  • Is a National Mobility Equipment Dealer Association (NMEDA) member; 
  • Lowered floor vans meet or exceed requirements set by FMVSS. Original compliance testing for the Ford E-Series E-250 and E-350 vans was performed at the MGA Proving Grounds and Crash Test Center in Burlington, Wisconsin in February of 2003. Compliance testing was completed in November of 2006 when the 2007 Ford E-Series E-150 was successfully crash tested; 
  • Completed further compliance testing on the 2009 Ford E-150 in November 2008 for frontal impact fuel system integrity, steering control rearward displacement, occupant crash protection and windshield mounting; 
  • Is an approved manufacturer for the Department of Rehabilitation, the Veterans Administration and Workers Compensation. 

The best visibility and headroom available in the industry while eliminating the need for a raised roof!

  • More headroom and visibility with a 9" lowered floor (provides 4 more inches than the most popular minivan conversion)  
  • More entryway clearance with a 56 1/2" doorway opening that meets ADA requirements without a raised roof or raised doors!  
  • More available load-carrying capacity  
  • More interior space  
  • More driver and front passenger foot room with our redesigned engine cover  

Offers a full 6" lowered floor!
  • Available in both E-150 Clubwagon and E-250 RV Converter full-size vans  
  • Equipment installation times reduced due to standard labor-saving features  
  • Tons of options available for all needs  
  • More interior space  
  • More driver and front passenger foot room (redesigned engine cover)  
  • Offers an incredible 8 1/4" ground clearance with the Braun UVL!