Fares Rached knows first hand what its like to live with a personal handicap. He is visually impaired yet its never slowed him down nor does he look for excuses. If there's one word for Fares, he's a courageous soul. He and his family's life work has made it their priority for over 30 years to treat everyone they serve in the mobility community as extended family.

His compassionate, caring and supportive character is seen in his people and the way he conducts business. They are transparent, open, honest and consistent. His vision is to empower mobility lifestyles, make a true positive difference and change lives for the better. His driving passion is to ensure each customer knows how valued and appreciated they are.

With over 30-years of mobility experience, knowledge and wisdom, Fares' leadership personal integrity and counsel is unquestioned and sought by many mobility professionals across the industry. He believes in trusted friendships, strong families and committed communities. These values inspire the Mobility Express company.

Fares' deepest, most genuine passion is to educate, empower and change the way the mobility community sees itself, that is, as a committed family moving forward together, mutually supporting one another and always reaching to be better. The Rached family story is one of grit, hard work, dedication to do more and making personal sacrifice to give more, be more and serve more.