Autocool Power Sliding Door- Kit

Autocool Power Sliding Door- Kit

Bruno Valet Seat Limited

Bruno Valet Seat Limited

Bruno Valet Seat Plus [Stock # ]


Get in and out of higher vehicles effortlessly. Bruno’s Valet Plus power turning auto seat rotates, extends and lowers to your individual needs. Your original seat is never altered so you can re-install the Valet Plus turning car seat into your next applicable vehicle. Meets child seat compliance and safety standards.

-       One-button power rotates, extends, lowers eat

-       Scratch resistant, easy-t-clean material

-       Integrated flip-up footrest

-       Long-lasting: reinstall in another applicable vehicle

-       Power forward/backward

-       Manual full recline

-       Multiple fabric colors

-       Original seat unmodified; easily reinstalled for resale


Product Highlights:

-       Lift Capacity: 370lbs (168KG)

-       Position: Driver or Passenger Side

-       3 Year Limited Warranty

-       Vehicle Types: CUV’s, hatchbacks, minivans, pickups, SUV’s, full-size vans’


Available Options:

-       Seat Heat (Warm, therapeutic heat)

-       Armrests (Added comfort or armrests)

-       Posture Vest (Extra Support while seated)

-       Child Latch Kit (Safe for use with child seats)

-       Positioning belt (Added safety and security)

-       UltraLeather Plus (Multiple colors available)

VIN VSS-2602

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