Citadel Adaptable Bed - [Model # Citadel Adaptable Bed - Patient Therapy System by ArjoHuntleigh]

The Citadel Patient Therapy System is a highly customizable hospital-style bed that is built on a universal platform. Because the Citadel is built on a universal platform, the in-bed environment can be tailored for each patient, based on their unique clinical needs.

Integration provides important communication between the bed frame system and patient therapy system. One button delivers a CPR mode that simultaneously deflates the mattress and levels the frame, and automatic pressure compensation in the seat section occurs when the head of bed is adjusted. It also restricts automated turning when the head of bed exceeds 30 degrees or when one or more of the side rails is lowered.

Microclimate Management
The Skin IQ® Family of compatible powered mattress covers utilize state-of-the-art Negative Airflow Technology (NAT). The Negative Airflow Technology works by continually drawing away excess moisture from the skin/surface interface for better microclimate management. The Citadel system also offers a compatible Skin IQ outlet as standard, providing the user the option, and flexibility, to manage their patients microclimate effectively.

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