Sunrise Medical Quickie 5r

Sunrise Medical Quickie 5r

Invacare Top End [Model # CRFAT]

Invacare Top End Crossfire All Terrain Wheelchair 
Rugged, go-anywhere wheelchair designed to leave some serious tracks.

Product Description
The Invacare Top End Crossfire All Terrain Wheelchair is built on a rugged, custom-built rigid aluminum frame with a reinforced open frame design for durability. Complete with two knobby wheels and large 8" front casters, users can conquer multiple types of terrain.


  • Adjustable center of gravity, footrest height and angle and back height
  • Adjust seat and back upholstery for a custom comfortable fit
  • Rugged, custom-build rigid frame
  • Engineered with mega ground clearance and forward and side-to-side stabilit
Pricing as shown above, starts at $3245.00 at base level. Price will vary based on customization and need. Call for more information 1-800-918-7433
Product Weight Capacity: 250 lb.
Seat Depth: 14"-20"
Seat To Floor Height: Front 19"-21"; Rear 16"-20"
Seat Width: 14"-20"

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