Pride Zeus 260 [Model # 9925126]
Special Price $2,895.00 was $4,199.00

Zeus Auto-Lift for Up To 260lbs

Highly adjustable, advanced engineering and stylish design!

The&NEW Zeus Auto-Lift 260 has been specifically designed to lift bigger (wider, longer, heavier) scooters, wheelchairs and powerchairs more comfortably with the option of lifting above the 200lbs mark. With advanced engineering and stylish design, a Zeus Auto-Lift is highly adjustable and is capable of lifting a vast range of powerchairs, scooters and wheelchairs into your chosen auto.

The Brilliance Pack

Available now, the Brilliance Option Pack gives you the choice of four different colored auto-lifts. Available in Brilliance Blue, Radiance Red, Passionate Pink or Classic Carbon, the Brilliance Pack for Zeus Auto-Lifts are the only auto-lifts in the U.S.A. to have multiple color choices.

In addition to a unique color choice, the Brilliance Pack offers a high power LED light to illuminate your scooter, wheelchair or powerchair when lifting in low light conditions. This means loading and unloading in underground parking lots, at night time or other low light situations is safe and easy.

Simple to operate

A Zeus Auto-Lift is straight forward and easy to use and comes with a hand held control system allowing you to control the vertical and horizontal movements of the auto-lift all at the touch of a button. The hand control system runs from the vehicle battery and uses minimal power.

When not needed, the Zeus Auto-Lift can be easily detached in less than 30 seconds.

An optional restraint system can also be fitted to secure your wheelchair or scooter in place whilst the vehicle is moving.

  • A Zeus Auto Lift is highly adjustable
  • Simple and straight forward to operate
  • Professionally fitted by one of our dealers
  • Fully adjustable to suit a variety of vehicle makes and models
  • Greatest lifting capacity auto lift in the world
  • Transferrable to new vehicles when required

Zeus Auto Lifts come complete with a 12 month guarantee from Autochair and is available from all official Autochair dealers.

Special Price $2,895.00 was $4,199.00