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Pride Victory LX Sport

Pride ZT-10

Pride ZT-10

Pride Victory 10.2 [Model # S7102]
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The newly re-designed Victory 10.2!

The latest updates to the ever-popular Victory line from Pride are here!  Pride has re-designed the Victory to accentuate its already great style with some new features to enhance its performance.  The new modern tiller brings you the convenience of an additional storage area and built-in cup holders.  The tiller improvements also includes a handy USB charging port to re-power your cell phone while riding around during a busy day. New frosted LED headlights will focus on the path ahead to help guide you on your way. 

The sturdy and stable Victory 10.2 4-wheel is one of the few scooters in its price range with a generous 400 pound weight capacity to accommodate more users. The standard seat slides forward and back, like an automobile seat would, allowing you to adjust to your perfect position. Additionally the seat swivels 360 degrees for easy on and off access. The seat swivel has the ability to lock at each 90 degree interval for easily entering and exiting at any direction.

*Pride FDA Class II Medical Devices are designed to aid individuals with mobility impairments. 

FDA Class II Medical Device*

Victory® 10.2 4-Wheel
Weight Capacity 400 lbs.
Front Tires 3.5" x 10" solid
Rear Tires 3.5" x 10" solid
Maximum Speed1 Up to 5.2 mph
Ground Clearance3 2.4" at transaxle, 2.1" at anti-tip, 3.0" at side deck
Turning Radius3 52.25"
HCPCS Code K0801 Group 1 Heavy Duty
Length / Width3 47.25" / 22.25"
Seating Type: Foldable, compact
Weight: 30 lbs.
Material: Black Vinyl
Dimensions: Width: 18", Depth 17"
Seat-to-Ground 22-24"
Weight without Batteries3,6 139 lbs.
Weight with Batteries 4-wheel (U1)- 187 lbs.
4-wheel (40Ah)- 203 lbs.
Seat-to-Deck 15.25"-17.25"
Battery Weight5 (U-1) 24.5 lbs. each, (40 AH) 32.5 lbs. each
Battery Requirements3,4 (U-1), (40 AH)
Per Charge Range1,2 Up to 11 miles (U1), Up to 13.5 miles (40 AH)
Battery Charger 3.5 amp, off-board (U-1)
5-amp, off-board (40 AH)
Weight of Heaviest Piece3 64.5 lbs. (front section)
Warranty Frame: lifetime limited;
Drivetrain: 2-year limited;
Electronics: 2-year limited

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Special Price $2,254.00 was $3,159.00