Ricon Lifts


The new KlearVue wheelchair lift from Ricon is the only wheelchair lift with a unique fold-in-half design. When the KlearVue lift is stowed, it provides an unobstructed view for the driver, helping to eliminate hazardous blind spots, allows a clear view for the passengers, and is virtually unseen from outside. Plus, because the Klearvue platform folds when stowed, no raised-roof modification for your personal vehicle is required – even when a long platform is necessary for larger wheelchairs and power scooters. Quiet and easy-to-maintain, the Klearvue is the wheelchair lift for you.

  • Unobstructed view from within the vehicle
  • Added safety benefit of minimized blind spots
  • Unique folding platform accommodates longer platform scooters and wheelchairs without requiring raised roof or door
  • Automatic inboard/outboard rollstops
  • Quiet, smooth operation
  • Stable and compact when stowed
  • Permanent, no-lube bearings at all major pivot points
  • Powerful hydraulic pump
  • Built-in manual back-up system
  • Easy to operate and maintain


The patented Clearway wheelchair lift from Ricon gives new meaning to the term accessibility. The Clearway’s fully automatic split platform folds up and out of the way at the push of a button, leaving the doorway clear. The Clearway’s strong steel frame and powerful hydraulic pump ensure a fast, secure means of entry and exit. When you add Ricon power door operators and remote controls, your Clearway can provide even more independent operation in your personal vehicle. Your entire family will find the Clearway convenient and easy to operate.

  • Exclusive split-platform design allows clear access to the vehicle’s interior.
  • Powerful hydraulic pump ensures smooth, stable operation for heavy wheelchairs and scooters
  • All-steel frame features convenient handrails for increased comfort and security
  • Stable, non-skid platform with automatic inboard and outboard rollstops accommodates most wheelchairs and scooters
  • Pre-lubricated bearings at all major pivot points offer long-term durability
  • High gloss, polyester powder coat finish resists corrosion
  • Built in manual backup system


The automatic Reliant wheelchair lift from Ricon offers you dependable accessibility while its trim, compact design maximizes valuable interior space. The Reliant also features a strong durable steel frame built to give you years of dependable service. It�s patented Sto-Loc design assures a quiet interior ride by securely locking the platform in the stowed position.

  • Compact design
  • Automatic Inboard and Outboard Rollstops
  • Quiet, Smooth Operation
  • Welded All-Steel Frame
  • Non-Skid Platform
  • Built-In Manual Backup System
  • Permanent No-Lube Bearings at All Major Pivot Points
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Thin, easy access platform