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Discover Ryno Mobility, a pinnacle of conversion excellence, at Mobility Express. With modern design and meticulous craftsmanship, Ryno Mobility transforms dreams into reality, placing your mobility liberation at the forefront. When you connect with Mobility Express, you're speaking directly with the best Mobility team, ensuring tailored guidance to your ideal conversion. Our commitment goes beyond selling products; we're your gateway to mobility freedom. Ryno's in-house design expertise ensures seamless modifications, while the corrosion protection practices stand out. Explore this page for comprehensive information, and reach out for personalized assistance in realizing your Ryno conversion with Mobility Express, today.

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A blue Dodge Grand Caravan with Ryno Mobility Rear Entry Conversion with ramp deployed from rear hatch. Chrysler Pacifica equipped with Ryno Mobility Rear Entry Conversion with ramp deployed from rear hatch.

Rear Entry Conversions for Dodge and Chrysler Vans

Experience the freedom of movement with Ryno Mobility Rear Entry, a user-friendly conversion designed to offer affordability and reliability in the realm of mobility solutions. With its 29 ¼” wide ramp boasting an 11-degree angle, effortless wheelchair access is guaranteed. Once inside, an exceptional 57 ½” interior height is complemented by over six inches of ground clearance. The Manual ramp configuration stands as a cost-effective and dependable choice for wheelchair users accompanied by an attendant. Discover more about Ryno Mobility Rear Entry today by reaching out for comprehensive information!

Unparalleled Flexibility by Ryno: Ryno Mobility Rear Entry delivers a choice between two rear seating arrangements. Opt for stationary bucket seats (with a 22” gap) or select OEM bucket seats attached to a flip and fold seat base, offering up to 32” of space. As is customary with rear entry conversions, parking options expand significantly. Enter and exit from the rear of the vehicle, granting access to standard parking spaces—excluding parallel parking—erasing the concern of being stranded outside your vehicle.

A spectrum of seating options ensures tailored accommodation based on passenger numbers, with folding or replacement seats optimizing space for wheelchair or ambulatory passengers. Ryno Mobility Rear Entry provides multiple wheelchair tiedown anchor positions and a versatile flooring layout compatible with various power tiedown systems, allowing passengers to assume their preferred positions.

Ford F-150 with Ryno Mobility wheelchair accessible truck conversion with lift deployed from driver door.

Wheelchair Accessible Truck Conversions

Embrace Freedom with Ryno: Whether you're drawn to the Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra, Dodge Ram Mega Cab, Chevrolet Suburban, GMC Yukon XL, or Ford F-150, Ryno Mobility thrives on pushing the boundaries of custom mobility vehicles. For many, a wheelchair-accessible minivan isn't the ideal choice. Pickup trucks with features like heightened ground clearance, powerful engines, 4-Wheel Drive, and enhanced cargo space better serve their needs. Despite this, practical and reliable conversion designs for pickup trucks have proved elusive. Ryno Mobility stands as the result of years of dedicated research, development, and testing, consistently delivering reliable and sought-after wheelchair accessible pickup truck conversions. The Ryno RSL-100 Interior lift exemplifies personalization and independence, revolutionizing your mobility experience.

Presently, Ryno converts Dodge/RAM Mega Cab and Chevrolet/GMC pickup trucks, covering new and preowned models. Vehicle age restrictions vary based on the specific combination of vehicle and conversion, with Ryno's flexibility even accommodating vehicles dating back to 2007 in some instances. This expansive approach amplifies options, providing potential savings for customers during the search for their ideal converted truck.

Recently, Mobility Express had the privilege of outfitting a Ryno RAM pickup truck for a client, enhancing its capabilities. Notably, a 2021 RAM 2500 was transformed with modifications including lowered flooring, remote-controlled power doors, rubberized flooring, a Slim Line Rear Bench, BraunAbility UVL installation, and vehicle suspension and body lift. Mobility Express further contributed by installing a 6-Way Transfer Seat and SureGrip Featherlite hand controls. Discover the dynamic synergy between Ryno Mobility and Mobility Express, expanding the horizons of wheelchair accessible pickup trucks.

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FMI Conversions Toyota Sienna with rear entry conversion with ramp deployed from rear hatch. FMI Conversions Toyota Sienna with manual rear entry conversion with ramp deployed from rear hatch.

FMI Toyota Sienna Wheelchair Van Conversions

Discover FMI's Manual Toyota Rear Entry Wheelchair Vans, offering versatile conversions to meet the needs of wheelchair users as passengers or drivers. We take pride in delivering affordable, stylish, and reliable options. Our wheelchair-accessible conversions feature manual doors, ramps, and lowered floors, ensuring safe and comfortable transportation. Engineers at FMI prioritize safety and reliability, using top-quality parts for all wheelchair accessible and SUV conversions. Emphasizing simplicity, durability, and safety, our conversions undergo rigorous evaluations, providing years of trouble-free, enjoyable memories in your FMI wheelchair van. Experience hassle-free manual door and ramp operations, while the anti-slip material guarantees excellent traction in any weather. Choose from a full or half cut lowered floor option to accommodate your preferences and enjoy a comfortable ride with two wheelchair positions available.

FMI Conversions Kia Sorento with manual rear entry conversion with ramp deployed from rear hatch.  FMI Conversions Kia Sorento with rear entry conversion with ramp deployed from rear hatch.

FMI KIA Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Conversions

Experience FMI's pioneering Kia Sorento conversion, the inaugural rear-entry accessible SUV in the US. Boasting a 31" manual bi-fold ramp, this versatile mid-sized crossover features the market's broadest accessible SUV ramp, complemented by a robust V6 engine and advanced tech. Elevate your style with the wheelchair accessible Kia Soul, breaking free from the ordinary options. Fresh to the market, it delivers impressive fuel efficiency at up to 31 MPG. Notably, the FMI Kia Soul redefines mobility vehicles, utilizing cutting-edge Marine and Aerospace materials and adhering to stringent quality standards. Arrange a complimentary in-home demo of the Kia Soul wheelchair van, reflecting our confidence in your satisfaction. FMI proudly assembles each vehicle in the USA. Experience the difference today!


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