Sell A Pre Owned/Used Wheelchair Van

Ready to sell your wheelchair accessible vehicle? 

Please fill out the form below with the requested information. Once you submit the form, your vehicle's information will be reviewed, and you will be contacted with an offer. 

Our Mobility Vehicle Purchasing Department will:

  • Provide a quote to purchase your accessible mobility vehicle.

  • Offer several payment options for peace of mind, and no risk to you as a seller.

  • Provide all of the required forms necessary to record your sale, and assist you with title transferring process.

  • Arrange transport for the vehicle, if purchased, at no cost to you.   

Sell A Van Info

List any defects, problems or damage (ex. Rust, body damage, dents, dings scrapes, broken or chipped glass, wheels and tires, mechanically- any lights on in dash such as engine, air bag or ABS? Is everything functional on vehicle? How about the conversion, does it work properly?)