Frequently Asked Question For Sales
Q — Do you deliver vans?

A — Yes, we offer delivery and shipping to any state in the union.

Q — What brands of vans do you offer?

A — Mobility Express offers new and pre-owned accessible vans from Chrysler, Dodge, Toyota, Honda, Ford, Chevrolet and Buick.
Q — Who does the wheelchair conversions for you?

A — Mobility Express offers only the best. We have accessible wheelchair conversions by BraunAbility, VMI, and Vision by Viewpoint Mobility. BraunAbility and VMI both have side entry folding or in-floor style ramps. Vision has rear entry vans.

Q — Why are these van conversions better than others?

A — The name brand conversions mentioned above will hold their value better than off brands. When purchasing an accessible van, quality is paramount. Mobility Express offers only wheelchair accessible conversions by companies with national service and warranty networks. Some smaller conversion companies may offer a less expensive product, but if there is a warranty or service problem, this may mean you will be delayed while waiting for parts or a service person to show up. Mobility Express offers full warranty and repair service for VMI, BraunAbility and Vision, but if you are out of town, we can let you know where the closest service facility is to you anywhere in the United States.

Q — What extra costs will I incur when I purchase a van?

A — Mobility Express has no hidden fees, or surprise up-charges at sale closing time. There is the cost of the van and conversion, any accessories you need or want, and any applicable tag, title, registration and state sales tax.

Q — I heard that there is no tax charged on an accessible van.

A — The State of Florida does not charge tax on any accessible van features. The State charges tax only on the chassis portion of the van, with a doctors note from the customer stating that they require an accessible vehicle.

Q — Do you take trade ins?

A — Yes, Mobility Express will take your trade in, Click Here to link to our Trade In Appraisal page.

Q — Do you offer vehicle financing?

A — Mobility Express offers finance programs which are specialized for the accessible vehicle industry. These programs have very competitive interest rates and special terms to accommodate most budgets. In addition, we would be happy to work with your financial institution.

Q — What warranties come with your new accessible vehicles?

A — All new vans come with the full factory warranties on the chassis and the wheelchair conversion. While the length of term varies, all of our conversion companies offer a nationwide 3 year/36,000 mile parts and labor warranty on their product. The chassis manufacturers also have at least a nationwide 3 year/36,000 mile, with some going to 5 year/60,000 mile powertrain warranties.

Mobility Express also offers pre-owned accessible vans, with factory warranties still in force. Many pre-owned vans have BRAND NEW wheelchair accessible conversions, with the full nationwide 3 year/36,000 mile conversion warranty. All new conversions come with a 7 year/70,000 mile warranty on the lowered floor portion.

Q — I also am considering an extended warranty. Do I have to go to the van dealer to get one?

A — While van dealers offer service contracts, most will not be able to cover the wheelchair conversion portion of your van. Mobility Express offers extended service contracts that will cover your van and conversion nationwide for up to 7 years/100,000 miles.

Q — How many wheelchairs can I fit into an accessible van?

A — Most lowered floor accessible minivans can accommodate up to three wheelchairs, depending on the size of each chair. Most of these vans have removable front seats, and plenty of room in the center section of the van.

Q — How many ambulatory persons will a minivan hold?

A — Most lowered floor accessible minivans have a fill bench seat for three in the back of the van, two front seats, for a total of five ambulatory occupants, plus room for a wheelchair in the center section.

Q — I an unsure of buying a vehicle sight unseen. What assurance do I have that I am getting what I am told I will get?

A — Mobility Express has a long track record of satisfied customers throughout the nation. Upon request, we can provide you with references from customers, or you can visit one of our locations and inspect our inventory to see the quality for yourself. We can also e-mail you high resolution images of any part of your van. Click Here to review our customer testimonials.

Q — What accessories do you offer?

A — Mobility Express sells and installs hand controls, transfer seat bases, spinner knobs, manual and retractable tie down and restraints, wheelchair locking systems, and more.

Q — How do I know whether I need a minivan or a full size van?

A — Obviously, the biggest difference between the two is size. If you need to park your accessible van in you garage at home, a full size van just won't work if it has a raised roof. Some full size vans without a raised roof may work depending on your garage. A minivan is more like a car than it is like a truck. It is smoother, quieter, more fuel efficient as well as easier to drive and park. One of the most popular reasons people still purchase full size vans is due to interior space. A larger individual will usually feel more comfortable with a full size van. People who travel with lots of luggage, personal items or pets for example, may also choose a full size van. Remember, a full size van uses a lift which must rise up before you can enter the van. With a minivan, you simply roll up the ramp and into the vehicle. This is important especially in the rain. If towing a boat or trailer is necessary, for example, a minivans towing capacity will be extremely limited.
Q — What is a lowered floor minivan and how does it work?

A — A lowered floor minivan starts off just like most other minivans you see on the road. It is sent to a conversion company which performs about 40 alterations to the vehicle to make it accessible. Most of these items cannot be seen, but the most significant change is the lowered floor. The old floor is completely removed starting at the front of the van and back to the front edge of the rear bench. A new and stronger floor is installed which is 10 inches lower. The lowering of the floor allows for higher clearance, both entering the side door and inside the vehicle. This allows enough clearance for an individual to remain in their wheelchair inside the vehicle. The other noticeable changes make it so that you push one button on a remote control which opens the side door, deploys a ramp and lowers the van so that it is easier to enter the vehicle. This is all fully automatic. Once in the vehicle, the wheelchair can be secured in either the driver, passenger or in the center of the van.

Q —Do you rent a wheelchair accessible van on a daily basis?

A — Hello, Some of our store do rent wheelchair vans, so it depends on what city you want to rent from. Daily rentals for wheelchair vans are available by reservation and typically range from $70 to $100 per day due to a few different factors.

Q —Do you take trade-ins?

A — Yes, absolutely. Please contact us with your trade information.

Q —Do you charge sales tax on electric scooters,because there is a star next to it on your web site

A — There is no sales tax charged. However, if the product is being shipped to an address in the state of Florida, a prescription would be required. Please contact us at 1-800-918-7433 for further assistance.

Q —ever get handicapped trucks

A — We do have them in our inventory system on a rare occasion, but typically we hear about them from individuals who are trying to sell them. Please let us know as specifically as possible what your needs are and we can try to locate one for you.

Q —Need fully accessible and converted van for quadriplegic son

A — 2/28/2014 Yes we can help, please call 1-800-918-7433. we provide Dodge, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda and Ford wheelchair accessible vehicles.

Q —You mention it, but doyou know which organizations might help someone attain a mini van? Thank you ! ?

A — 3/3/2014 Please let us know the diagnosis of the wheelchair user and we will be happy to direct you towards organizations that may help with the purchase of wheelchair vans.

Q —where are you located?

A — Our main office is Mobility Express in New Port Richey, Florida. We do have other locations. You can go to and click on the locations page.

Q —how to turn off backing up warning signal?

A — Is this on your wheelchair van or on your scooter? Most manufacturers recommend that these do not get shut off.

Q —I have had problems in the past so I'll ask first this time. I have a 2011 KIA Sorento and an Invacare Pronto M91 Power Chair with Sure Step. What Power Chair lift would be compatible with both these items.

A — The power chair and lift/carrier cannot exceed the weight handling capacity of the hitch that your car would need installed on it. At a quick glance, it looks like the vehicle will accept a Class lll 2 inch receiver type hitch, which is what you would nee

Q —do you sell remote controllers for vmi lift van

A — Yes we do, they do vary according to the year of the vehicle. You should always check your batteries in you existing unit, just to make sure this isn't the problem. A new remote may require programming. If you email us your vin, year and make we can check

Q —does medicare help pay anything on a preowned van.

A — No. Sorry. Medicare will not cover any part of the cost of a wheelchair van. However, there may be other organizations that could assist in the funding of an accessible vehicle.

Q —I understand that you do financing, do you have any programs for people who have bad credit but can get a co-signer?

A — Yes, there are a number of products on the market that might work for you. Please contact us and we'll be happy to give you some of those details. There are banks, credit unions and state agencies that provide programs for wheelchair accessible van financ

Q —Do you rent van? If so for how much per week

A — We do have rental wheelchair vans. It depends on availability and the city and state you are wanting to rent from. Tampa, FL? Call us for more info.