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Disclaimer: Please note that the information contained in the provided lists is intended as an informational resource only. Since funding programs are constantly evolving, lists may not include every available resource. Mobility Express is not affiliated with any of the organizations listed and does not profit from any of the listings. 

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Financial assistance options for wheelchair accessible vehicles may leave you wondering where to begin. Sources such as state, national and even manufacturer programs are available to help you get funded for your mobility van or other accessible vehicle.

We’ve compiled a few lists of funding programs and grants that are available to help turn your dream of owning an accessible vehicle into a reality. We hope this list will help you determine your eligibility for funds to obtain a wheelchair accessible vehicle, and ultimately help you achieve your mobility goals.

And yes, we will take your trade-in! We are happy to assess the value of your trade-in, and offer you a fair price to offset some of the cost of a new or pre-owned mobility vehicle. Whether you are trading an accessible vehicle or one that has not been converted, we’ve got you covered. In addition to grants and funding programs, we also are able to help you obtain financing from trusted sources who understand the value of mobility vehicles.


Funding programs, grants and other financial assistance for mobility products varies by state, and is often specific to a condition. Some states will even offer Vocational Rehabilitation assistance to help pay for mobility equipment, so long as it allows you to be active in the workforce. There are programs that cover mobility equipment that has become necessary due to an injury from a vehicle accident, or as a result of a workplace injury.
What assistance does my state offer?

National or
Federal Funding

National organizations in the United States offer a range of funding assistance for your mobility equipment needs. These funding agencies are not specific to just one segment of the population, as is the case with state or local programs. Some programs even cover the entire cost of the mobility equipment. Other national funding agencies offer smaller, income-based grants to assist if your budget is just below the cost of obtaining your adaptive vehicle.
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Many automotive manufacturers will offer incentives, rebates or discounts for new conversions on wheelchair vans and mobility equipment installation. These rebates can apply to adaptive equipment such as lowered floor conversions on minivans, driver hand controls, securement systems, transfer seats, and other assistive technology.

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Veteran's & Military Service Member funding resources can be found here.