Wheelchair Vans for Sale in Florida

NEW & USED Wheelchair Vans with Free Delivery to Most FL Cities

Are you shopping for a wheelchair van in Florida? You've come to the right place. Visit our stores or shop vans online and get delivery right to your driveway at home! Mobility Express makes it easy to take a test-drive in your neighborhood, and claim your mobility freedom all in the same day.

Why should I shop with Mobility Express for my handicap accessible van?

As a trusted handicap van dealer and mobility equipment store for over 20 years, we stock new handicap accessible vans and used handicap accessible vans at three locations across Florida. We take pride in our delivery promise to provide accessible vans to all Florida cities. Many of our wheelchair vans include warranties on the van and the conversion, so you can own an accessible vehicle with peace of mind. Additionally, free delivery is available to most FL cities whether you are having your van converted, or purchasing a new or used van with a conversion already in place.

For more information, or to make an appointment with one of our mobility consultants, please call: 1 (800) 918-7433 or contact us here.

How much does a handicap van cost in FL compared to other states?

Because of the popularity of handicap accessible vans in Florida, mobility dealerships are able to offer competitive pricing. The cost of a wheelchair van can range widely due to the variety of options available to you. If you live in Florida, we offer free delivery to most cities. If you are looking to buy a wheelchair van from another state, there is a good possibility that you will pay a delivery fee upwards of seven hundred dollars or more.

In Florida, as well as in other areas, new handicap vans, just like new cars, are going to be the most pricey option, but you can ensure you're getting a vehicle that's had no other owners, and is warranted from the auto manufacturer as well as the conversion company. Many people prefer this peace of mind when it comes to owning a handicap accessible vehicle.

An alternative to new handicap vans is a used van. Used vans have a couple of conversion options. If you've found a deal on a used van, you can often have it converted for a wheelchair user. When you have a new wheelchair conversion installed into your own van, the conversion itself will carry a warranty from the conversion company. Another option for a used wheelchair van is to find a pre-owned handicap van with a used conversion that is already in the vehicle. This is often the most cost effective option, but will be sold without any manufacturer warranties. However, you are typically able to purchase a warranty from a warranty company on your used wheelchair van, which may or may not include the wheelchair conversion.

How can I get a grant for a wheelchair van in Florida?

All too often, we find that people who are in need of a wheelchair accessible vehicle are having trouble obtaining funding for a new or used van. If you, or someone you know is one of those who is in need of funding for the purchase of a new or used handicap van, there are wheelchair van funding assistance resources available in Florida that may be valuable to you. We have had many customers who didn't think they would qualify for a disability grant, who were able to successfully obtain funding just by learning about all of the available resources. We at Mobility Express want to make it as simple as possible to purchase a wheelchair van, so we've provided a list of resources from Florida and other sources. Many people find success in contacting as many relevant organizations as possible, and are often able to combine grants and financing to get the help they need to purchase a van.

Can I trade in my wheelchair van at all of your FL locations?

Yes, we will take your trade in whether it has a handicap van conversion or not. We want everyone to have the chance to get into a wheelchair van, and a trade-in can be a great way to offset some of the cost of an accessible vehicle. If you're interested in trading your wheelchair van or other vehicle, and you'd like to get an idea of its value, please fill out our short trade-in information form, and a mobility consultant will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

Free wheelchair van delivery is available to most FL cities. View our new and pre-owned wheelchair accessible vans here.