Merits P327 Vision Super - Bariatric Midwheel Drive

Merits P327 Vision Super - Bariatric Midwheel Drive

Pride Jazzy 1450 [Model # 1450]
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The Jazzy 1450

The Jazzy 1450 combines excellent maneuverability, a top speed of 4 mph, and a weight capacity of 600 lbs. to create a stylish, high performance heavy duty power chair&The Jazzy 1450 Bariatric power base performs indoors and out. It is an exceptionally&rugged power chair&It's unique design delivers high performance, with&it's high-efficiency motor package.


  • Durable construction with 600 lbs. weight capacity
  • Maximum speed up to 4 mph
  • High-performance, high-efficiency motor package
  • Seat dimensions up to 32' by 28'


FDA Class II Medical Device* 

*Pride FDA Class II Medical Devices are designed to aid individuals with mobility impairments. 

Jazzy® 1450 Specifications

FDA Class II Medical Device*

Jazzy® 1450
Weight Capacity 600 lbs.
Turning Radius1 26.5"
Width1 29.25"
Length1,2 38.25"
Maximum Speed3 Up to 4.9 mph
Ground Clearance1 1.5" at anti-tips
Front Wheels 4" solid anti-tips
Drive Wheels 14" solid
Rear Wheels 9" solid casters
Drivetrain Two motor, front-wheel drive
Braking System Regenerative and electro-mechanical
Suspension Type Swing Arm
High-Back Seat (max. size) 32" x 28"
High-Back Seat-to-Floor Range 20.5” – 22.5”
Synergy® Seating 32”W – 28”D
Synergy® Seat-to-Floor Range 17.25” – 19.25”
Specialty Controls Yes
Standard Electronics 90A, PG VR2
Battery Size (2 required) 12 volt, Group 24
Standard Battery Charger 8A, off-board
Per-Charge Range3,6 Up to 16.5 miles
Battery Weight5 52 lbs. each
Weight of Heaviest Piece4 195 lbs.
Standard Seat Weight 52 lbs. (high-back)
Standard Seat Size 24" x 24"
Medicare Code Coverage Group 2: Very Heavy Duty (K0826/K0827)
Single Power Very Heavy Duty (K0839)
Warranty K0826/K0827 Models:
Lifetime limited warranty on frame;
13-month limited on electronics;
13-month on drive motors;
13-month limited on batteries.

K0839 Models:
Lifetime limited warranty on frame;
2-year warranty on electronics;
18-month limited warranty on drive motors

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  •  5-year limited warranty on frame
  • 13-month limited warranty on electronics
  • 13-month limited warranty on drive motors

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Special Price $4,689.00 was $6,729.00