CTM Road Class 3 Wheel

CTM Road Class 3 Wheel

Merits Pioneer 4 Wheel

Merits Pioneer 4 Wheel

Merits Pioneer 10 [Model # S341]
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The Pioneer 10 scooter is a wonderful blend of form and function possibly the most attractive looking scooter in the merits line-up. It comes with its’ own 4 wheel suspension system to smooth out the bumps, 10” air-filled tires, 22' wide seat standard,&an automatic safety steering half speed control for safe turns, a fully integrated headlight and Velcro attached washable foot pads. With an 8 mph top speed, and extra large group 24 batteries give this unit extra power to handle the roughest of terrains.


  • 4-Wheel Outdoor Scooter
  • Large size wheels and suspensions for rough terrains
  • Powerful drivetrain with safety half-speed control, automatic safety steering half speed control, rear anti-tipper
  • Interchangeable quick release disassembly design
  • Comfortable sliding seat

Maximum Speed up: 8 mph
Range Up:  32 mi
Turning Radius: 62"
Ground Clearance: 4"
Motor:  DC24V, 400W
Controller:  Dynamic Rhino 160
Battery:  12V / group24(73AH) x 2pcs
Charger:  6 A off-board
Gradient:  12 degrees

Front Wheel:  12 1/2" (4.10/3.50-5) pneumatic tire
Rear Wheel:  12 1/2" (4.10/3.50-5) pneumatic tire
Brake:  Intelligent,Regenerative, Electromagnetic Brakes
Product weight capacity:   550 lbs

Motor:  DC 24V 400 W


Length:  56"
Width:  27"
Height:  47"
Wheel Base:  45"
Seat Width:  22"
Seat Depth:  18"
Back Height:  22"
Seat Height from Deck:  16-19"
Seat Height from Ground:  25-28"



Base: 121 lbs
Battery/each:  43 lbs
Seat:  59 lbs
Total Weight with battery:  266 lbs

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Special Price $3,000.00 was $5,498.00