Sara Stedy Seated [Model # NTB2000]
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Sara Stedy® builds on the success of Stedy®, a proven mobility-promoting support aid that encourages more mobile patients and residents to stand up independently. With a number of new enhancements, Sara Stedy helps to minimise manual handling by carers in an even wider range of care situations. With an increased inner width, a new seat shape and a safe working load raised to 182 kg, Sara Stedy also meets the standing assistance needs of larger patients. Enhanced features including a pivoting divided seat and pedal-operated chassis legs ensure improved comfort and support, and make working routines easier for carers.

Capacity: 400 lbs.

Model: NTB2000

Push Handle Height Top: 42"

Seat Top to Floor:33"

Overall width: 24"

Overall Length:31"

Seat Width: 18"

Shipping Weight: 39 lbs.

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Special Price $2,950.00 was $3,495.00