Voyager Portable Ceiling [Model # 98000]

BHM Medical's 12-pound portable track lift, the Voyager, is a David in a world of Goliaths. Not only is it easy to carry and store, but with a lifting capacity of some 440 pounds, it is in a performance class by itself. With its 24-volt battery pack, it can be recharged in less than 2 hours. Now BHM has added the “Quick Releaser”, a user-friendly device which swiftly disengages the strap for easy, safe and quick suspension and removal of the lift (patent pending).

Patient Overhead Ceiling lifts solve the problems that traditional floor-based patient lifts have presented, such as difficulty maneuvering over thick carpeting, turning in tight spots and the need for two people to safely operate them. The Voyager Lift System combine to form a unique portable overhead lifting solution, allowing caregivers to easily transfer family members or loved ones without permanently defacing their homes.

Heavy-duty Capacity - 440 lbs, Lightweight - only 12 lbs., Rechargeable and Removable Battery, Quick Release Strap, Emergency Stop and Lower, Dual Controls on console, Audible Low Battery Indicator. Many options available. Shown above with 3 post system and tub rack. Add the optional remote control for easier patient handling.

Its lightweight design allows for portability and easy attachment to the Easytrack (Track and Slings Sold Separately)

Overhead ceiling lifts are the best solution. If only you could eliminate the hassle and cost of installation Now you have the answer!


  • Ultra light (only 5.5 kg / 12 lbs)
  • Lifting capacity of 200 kg / 440 lbs
  • Interchangeable batteries
  • Universal carry bar for all type of slings
  • Carrying handle
  • Soft start and stop functions
  • Easily accessible controls on both sides of the unit
  • Emergency lowering device (manual)
Product Weight:
12 lbs. with battery
Product Width:
17.5 in.
Product Length/Depth:
5.5 in.
Product Height:
11.25 in.
Shipping Dimensions (box 1):
26"w/ 16"h/ 8"d
Product Weight Capacity:
440 lbs.
Shipping Weight:
20 lbs.
Lifting Speed:
1.6 in./sec
Strap Length
88 in.
Rechargeable: 24Vdc, 2.0Ah
Number of Transfers per Charge:
10 to 30
Seat Sling Height
0 to 48 inches

The combination of the Voyager and the Easytrack has taken patient handling to the next generation. As the provider of solutions for homecare needs, you now have the ability to solve your customers’ lifting and transfer problems right from your storeroom with no special training or installation skills and no customization of components. The Easytrack can be set up in just minutes with no tools required and taken down just as easily. The flexibility of the design allows you to stock a couple of units and accommodate many situations, both permanent and temporary, quickly.

  • Multi-Post Options The 2, 3 or 4 post options allow the Easytrack to solve lifting and transferring problems in nearly every room layout.
  • Easy Set-Up The lightweight components and design allow for quick, easy set-up by a single person in less than five minutes.
  • Non-Permanent Installation The unique floor-to-ceiling spring-loaded design does not require permanent installation or alterations to the ceiling or electrical, thus saving the homeowner considerable money while maintaining the décor of the home.
  • Portable The lightweight aluminum Easytrack can be transported along with the Voyager lift providing a temporary solution when traveling. An optional carry bag is available.
  • Small Footprint The small feet of the Easytrack allow use even in the smallest bedroom or bathroom where a conventional floor lifter could not be maneuvered.
  • Easy-Glide Rail The design of the telescopic rail allows caregivers to smoothly glide the person being transferred without strain or risk of back injury.
  • Telescopic Rail Unlike fixed-length tracks, the Easytrack can be extended to accommodate different locations, eliminating the need for in-home surveys and customization.
  • Telescopic Post The Easytrack can be used with ceiling heights from 7'-9'.
  • Rotating Rail Connection This allows the rail or post to be positioned at any angle as well as close to walls or obstructions.
  • Patented Safety Systems A number of unique safety systems have been designed into the Easytrack to ensure peace of mind. These include preventing the post from losing grip if the floor or ceiling flexes, preventing the post from being lowered if the rail is still connected and preventing the rail from disconnecting from the post.
  • Bubble Level A snap-on level is included for precise post set-up.

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