Pride Go Chair

Pride Go Chair

Merits Regal

Merits Regal

Merits Junior Super Light [Model # P320]
Special Price $1,889.00 was $6,049.00

The&Merits MP3C- Junior&Power Wheelchair is not just an evolution, it is a complete revolution in power mobility&It is the smallest and lightest power wheelchair ever, and it practically turns on a dime due to the unique design. There has never been anything like the MP3C-Jr lighter, more manueverable, and less expensive than any other power wheelchair.

The seat pops off, you can easily remove the battery, and any adult can lift the base section with the built in handles. Just pop the three parts into your car trunk and be on your way to the mall, the park, or where ever you desire. It reassembles in seconds, and gets 12 miles before needing a re-charge. Ready to charge? Just pop out the battery and take it inside to charge with the off-board charger. No need to unload the entire chair!




  • Lightweight and easy disassembly for handling, storage and transportation
  • Ideal as personal secondary portable power wheelchair
  • All standard power wheelchair features
  • Excellent maneuverability
  • Off-board charger
  • Optional captain seat
  • Optional adjustable height armrest
  • Optional elevating legrest and mounting bracket
  • Optional solid pan seat

max.speed up

4.5 mph

range up

12.5 mi.

Turning Radius


ground clearance





Dynamic Shark60A / PG VR2 40A


12V / 22AH x 2 pcs


3 A off-board



7" x 13/4"  solid tire

drive wheel

9" foam filled tire


electromagnetic brakes

Attachment not available

  • Frame 5 year / Limited Lifetime
  • Electronics 1 year
  • Motor/Brakes 1 year
  • Batteries 1 year

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Special Price $1,889.00 was $6,049.00