Wheelchair Van Market - Just Starting Out

Wheelchair Van Market - Just Starting Out

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The market for Wheelchair Accessible Vans has some similarities, but many additional aspects to consider, when compared to the traditional car market. On top of the things one would expect to consider when shopping for a new vehicle, such as what colors, features, and options are availabe, there are many additional factors that must be considered. These include conversion brand, ramp style, ramp location, and more. 


 Some common questions people encounter in the early stages of looking for a wheelchair van include:


- How much does a wheelchair van conversion cost?

- Where can I buy a wheelchair van?

- Does Medicare or Medicaid pay for a wheelchair van?   


In this blog post, we will cover those questions, and others, to help you better understand the wheelchair van market. 




Wheelchair Van Conversion Cost

When the need arises to purchase a wheelchair accessible van, often one of the first questions that comes to mind is "How much does a wheelchair van cost?" or "How much does a wheelchair van conversion cost?". There are many factors that will determine the answer to that question. First, the person searching for a wheelchair accessible van must determine whether they want to buy a van that has already been converted for wheelchair access, or if they want to send a van to a manufacturer to be converted.   


At the following link, you will find a list of vans that can be converted, as well as information on conversion types. 

Information On Conversion Types & Which Models Can Be Converted  



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