Ford Transit Wheelchair Vans

Ford Transit Wheelchair Vans

Ford Transit Full Size Wheelchair Vans

The Ford Transit’s design offers benefits to both consumers and conversion manufacturers. The height of the door opening for the sliding door on the Ford Transit. Previously, in many cases a conversion manufacturer would have to lower the floor and/or raise the height of the doors and roof in order to accommodate a wheelchair user. With the Ford Transit, the standard door opening height is large enough to not need any modification. This saves time, money, and means the van’s structural integrity won’t be diminished with any modifications like cutting, drilling, and bending. 

A Ford Transit wheelchair van is offered in many different configurations which makes it versatile for the wheelchair accessible vehicle industry. There are two wheelbase lengths: 129.9” and 147.6”. There are three choices for the roof height: Low, Medium, and High. Furthermore, there is an EL version which extends the chassis on the long wheelbase, offering even more interior space. When buying a full size wheelchair van, all these configuration options should be taken into consideration. Aside from the choices of wheelbase and roof height, the Ford Transit wheelchair van can be configured to accommodate many different scenarios with wheelchair occupants, in some instances having enough room for up to 4 wheelchair occupants, along with some ambulatory passengers. A lift can be installed at either the sliding door position on the passenger side, or at the rear barn doors of the van, depending on what your situation requires. Below you will see some diagrams showing various configurations for the occupants to give you some ideas of what is possible with a converted Ford Transit wheelchair van. 

Ford Transit Wheelchair Van Diagram Showing Interior Layout of Van

Ford Transit Wheelchair Van Diagram Showing Interior Layout of Van with Rear Lift


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Ford Transit Wheelchair Van Conversions

There are a host of companies that convert the interior of the Ford Transit full size wheelchair vans. These companies, some of which will be listed below, have a range of packages with various amenities that can really change the look and feel of these vehicles. These include options like a second A/C unit, carpeting, wood trim, entertainment system (BluRay/DVD player and monitor), and more to personalize the vehicle how the user would like it.

Popular Full Size Van Conversion Companies:

  • Tempest Vans

  • Prime-Time Specialty Vehicles

  • Sherrod Vans

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