The New Toyota Sienna Hybrid Wheelchair Van by BraunAbility

The Toyota Sienna has been totally redesigned for the 2021 model year. The most notable change is the Hybrid powertrain which comes standard, regardless of trim level. Other notable changes include a redesigned body/exterior styling, new wheel designs, as well as a host of new standard and optional convenience and safety features. With all the new technology and the legendary Toyota reliability, the new Toyota Sienna Hybrid wheelchair vans are shaping up to be the best yet. In this post we will go over some of the notable features as well as the dimensions and basic pricing for the new Toyota Sienna Hybrid wheelchair van converted by BraunAbility.

The biggest change for the new Toyota Sienna is the standard hybrid powertrain, which helps the Sienna achieve up to 36 MPG in city driving, as well as 36 MPG combined city/highway driving. At low speeds (10 MPH or less), the van can operate in EV Mode, during which the van is powered only by the electric motor. This helps save fuel in situations like waiting in a pick up line or searching a parking lot for an open spot.

Currently, BraunAbility is converting the new Toyota Sienna Hybrid for wheelchair access with a side entry, folding ramp conversion. BraunAbility has plans to release a side entry, in-floor ramp version, as well as rear entry versions to help meet the needs of various wheelchair accessible van users.

Contributor: Joseph Rached