Wheelchair Van Leasing Now Available from Mobility Express and BraunAbility

Wheelchair Van Leasing Now Available from Mobility Express and BraunAbility

Mobility Express is excited to announce that we will soon be offering our customers the option to lease a new wheelchair van from BraunAbility!


For years, we’ve gotten requests from customers wondering what other options were available besides financing or buying a new wheelchair accessible vehicle outright. Now, they will have the option to lease a wheelchair van. For some, the leasing option can be a much more attractive option than buying a vehicle. With regard to wheelchair accessible vehicles, this can be especially true. Leasing gives the chance to have all the benefits of a new vehicle, while not being tied down by ownership, and if you decide you do want to buy the van, that option is available at the end of the lease term.


Wheelchair Van Leasing Information 

Please continue reading to learn more about this exciting new program for leasing a wheelchair van:

What vehicles qualify for this lease program?

This lease offer is available on a new 2022 Toyota Sienna Hybrid with the following trim levels: LE, XLE, XLE Plus, and LTD with a BraunAbility foldout conversion. The vehicle must be converted already (no customer supplied chassis) and be a new Toyota chassis with a new conversion.

What are the terms of the lease? 

Monthly terms are 24, 36 or 39 months. Mileage options are: 7,500, 10,000 or 12,000 miles per year. You can combine any of the three term options with any of the three mileage options.  

Are there fees with this program?  

Yes, a one-time $1,295 lease acquisition fee and a $995 disposition (at lease’s end). 

Can I modify the down payment paid toward the lease? 

Yes – please request this at the time of application submission; any alterations will affect the monthly payment. 

How is the vehicle to be insured? 

Specific instructions will be provided after at the time the lease documents are sent for signature. 

Who purchases the vehicle at lease end?  

As the customer, you’ll have the first option to purchase the vehicle at the lease’s end. If you choose not to purchase it, you will simply return it to the originating mobility dealer. An inspection is required at lease’s end, conducted by the originating dealer.

Stay tuned! We are creating a web page with pricing and more information about the lease program. In the meantime, if you have a different question or need other information, we encourage you to fill out this contact form, and a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Consultant will reach out to you within 24 hours. Or, feel free to give us a call at the below number: