Advantages and Impacts of Owning a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

Advantages and Impacts of Owning a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

Wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAV) are specifically designed to accommodate the needs and struggles of caregivers and individuals with disabilities. Making every-day activities more convenient and accessible aids in preserving independence and mobility freedom.

Safety, Convenience, and Comfort

      Safety and comfort will always be a top priority. With a handicap van there is no need for transfers as a wheelchair user can remain in the comfort of their chair, eliminating the physically demanding and potentially unsafe transition. While some choose to disassemble the wheelchair every time they enter or exit the vehicle, a wheelchair van is especially beneficial for those who don’t have the assistance to do so. These accessible vehicles help to preserve a level of privacy and independence for the user as they don’t have to rely on strangers for assistance or the limitations of the public transportation system.

Inclusion and Mobility Freedom

       Inclusion will always be an important point when discussing the challenges of living with a disability. At times it can be stressful planning for a social event, or outing with your beloved friends and family. With a Wheelchair van you can rest assured you are able to enjoy the aspects of your life you cherish most in the comfort of a vehicle that serves you. With constant improvements and adaptations being made in the mobility industry, travelling as a family with a disabled loved one has never been easier. Full- size vans were designed with the passengers in mind, making it a practical option for those on the go!



       Many of these vehicles can be altered and adapted to accommodate various wheelchairs and mobility aids. By doing business with a trusted mobility provider who can address your needs and formulate solutions you can maximize the capabilities of your vehicle. This can either be for you or a loved one, as a wheelchair accessible vehicle can also benefit caregivers. If you have additional mobility equipment to transport, the extra space in your vehicle can be used as you see fit. Handicap vans come in various makes, models, and conversion types. If you are unsure what specifications align with your needs, we have mobility experts available to assist you in person or over the phone! Our inventory is stocked with a multitude of units, all you have to do is find the right fit for you!

Resale Value

        Handicap vans are built to last and the pre-owned market is popular for these vehicles. This is why it’s crucial to keep your wheelchair van well maintained and functioning properly. When your wheelchair van is no longer needed, you can trade it in or sell it privately. Wheelchair accessible vans retain their value because they serve such a niche market. They are in high demand which means when it no longer serves you it can assist someone else.


It's important to note that owning a wheelchair accessible vehicle comes with its associated costs, however, for many individuals and their families, the advantages in terms of mobility, independence, and quality of life outweigh the cost. These vehicles empower individuals to live on their own terms with ease and confidence. A lack of reliable transportation promotes isolation and an unfulfilling lifestyle which is why these advancements and tools should be promoted and utilized. If you or a loved one could benefit from using a wheelchair accessible van, start the process today by calling or visiting a Mobility Express location near you. We are here to help you find the perfect solutions to your needs. Start the journey towards mobility freedom today!