The Ford Explorer MXV by BraunAbility - Short Lived, Much Loved

The Ford Explorer MXV by BraunAbility - Short Lived, Much Loved

Short Lived, Much Loved 

The Ford Explorer MXV by BraunAbility 


For many years, if someone wanted to buy a handicap accessible vehicle, they basically had two choices: minivan or full size van. While these vehicles may have been the most suited for conversion when handicap accessible vehicles were first starting to be mass produced, today’s technology, along with a demand for more vehicle options, led some manufacturers to look at other platforms to convert for wheelchair access. 

While pick up trucks were a consideration, and a few companies have attempted to mass produce a wheelchair accessible pickup truck model, ultimately the consumers wanted an SUV. Furthermore, they wanted a SUV that was converted by a high quality manufacturer with a stellar reputation in the industry. Enter BraunAbility. BraunAbility (formerly known simply as “Braun”) is a well known name in the wheelchair van industry, and has been converting vans to be handicap accessible longer than any other manufacturer. They decided that the demand was there, and they needed to deliver for their customers. 

That is where the idea came from for the Ford Explorer MXV by BraunAbility. With more ground clearance than a minivan, and sharper looks, the Ford Explorer gives off a much different vibe upon first impression. You may find yourself asking “Is that really a wheelchair accessible vehicle?” the first time you see one, because Braun has done such a great job on the exterior styling.


BraunAbility MXV – available with Explorer base, XLT and Limited models – features patented sliding-door technology, removable driver and passenger seats, and a powered, lighted in-floor ramp. A sliding shifter and front seat base design provide for increased space, while an integrated key fob operates both door and ramp. There’s also an available tow package.

Interior space is maximized to create ample room for wheelchair navigation and comfort. Wheelchair users can drive the vehicle from a wheelchair or ride as a passenger. Notable dimensions include:

  • 55-inch usable side door opening height

  • 28 1/2-inch usable ramp width

  • 58-inch interior height (vehicle center)

  • 59-inch interior height (for driver and passenger)

  • 55-inch interior floor length behind front seats

  • 59 1/2-inch interior width at B-pillar 

Unfortunately, the 2020 model year brought changes from Ford that made it impossible to continue production of the BraunAbility Ford Explorer MXV handicap accessible SUV. This is due to the drive configuration of the vehicle being changed from FWD (Front Wheel Drive) to RWD (Rear Wheel Drive). This affects the conversion because in a RWD vehicle, there’s a driveshaft under the vehicle that connects the engine/transmission to the rear differential to power the rear wheels. Lowering the floor and adding a ramp system is not possible because of the driveshaft being in the way. Although BraunAbility had to discontinue production of the Ford Explorer MXV wheelchair accessible SUV due to these changes, they immediately went to work on finding a replacement vehicle/platform on which to build the next BraunAbility MXV conversion. A replacement model was soon chosen, and that model was released in 2020 to much fanfare. That new vehicle is the BraunAbility Chevrolet Traverse MXV.   

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Contributor: Joseph Rached